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The Front Line

We offer two-hour in-person, also streamed live online, weekly classes of breath work, yoga movement and guided meditation/ Yoga Nidra.  We teach the fundamentals of proper breathing as used in yoga practices. The movement class (asanas) focuses on the proper alignment of the body in the postures, with a special focus on the lower back.  

Classes are for all levels and run in blocks of 7 weeks, however, all are welcome at any time. We accompany each class with live healing sounds.


Each class will offer breathing exercises dedicated to alleviating the discomfort in the body and mind, followed by a series of yoga postures, which will be built on in the following weeks. The session will end with integrating meditation, Yoga Nidra,  and healing sounds. On week seven we offer a Q&A session with coaches and therapists. 

Weekly Description

Got Your Six

This is a one-on-one nine weeks program for veterans recovering from PTS and/or physical injuries. Numerous studies show that yoga movement, meditation or a combination of the two can reduce pain and disability while improving flexibility and functional mobility in people with a number of conditions causing chronic pain. Additionally, in some cases, the use of pain medication was reduced or eliminated completely. 

The program is specifically designed for each participant and their particular physical or/and emotional injury. We will work one-on-one on a weekly basis at one of our studios in the Houston area, or held online on video call for those outside Texas.

The participant will fill out an assessment form, once it is accepted, the participant will be assigned a sponsor in order to join the program. Sponsors will be able to review the participant's form on request.

Veteran Family
Spnsor a Vet Description

Charlie Mike

Each month we have an invitee to teach a six hour workshop with catering in the field of mindfulness. We hold talks on the topics of mental health, how meditation changes the physiology of the body, and yoga philosophy amongst other topics. 


Providing psycho-education to help develop a foundational understanding of the body, trauma in the body, body somatic sensations, and mental, phycological, emotional, and spiritual components that contribute to the overall healing of each individual warrior.

Workshop Description
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